About Us

QuotesMatch.com does not provide insurance nor are we a licensed insurance provider. QuotesMatch.com is a leading online market place connecting consumers with insurance agents and companies, and we do not provide quotes directly to consumers.

QuotesMatch.com is a cost-free tool that makes searching for auto insurance a snap. Step through our simple, fast, easy-to-understand form; compare quotes from different insurers and agents, and start saving on your car insurance in under 10 minutes!

QuotesMatch.com then connects users with the largest available network of insurance agents representing the nation’s top insurance companies. By comparing multiple quotes from different insurers, QuotesMatch.com users save big on their insurance. Here’s how QuotesMatch.com works:

1) Complete our online form. This will take most users less than 10 minutes to complete. You may be contacted by matched local agents (usually within minutes) after completing the form.

2) Shop around for quotes from the top insurance companies. We’ll also display a list of matching insurance companies that you can visit while you are waiting for your matched agents to contact you. Be sure to take advantage of multiple agents and insurance companies competing for your business. Studies consistently show that comparing 3 or more different providers maximize your savings when shopping for auto insurance.

The actual insurance quotes will be provided to you by insurance professionals, licensed in your state, who are members of our referral network and who are authorized by the insurance companies to quote and sell you insurance.

The professionals at QuotesMatch.com are committed to connecting consumers with the best insurance available.

The QuotesMatch.com Team